My intro into IoT – 02

Last time I talked about the ESP8266 modules I’ve been using. Now let’s move on to the next steps of building an IoT project.

Getting started.

I was working on this on a MAC, for Linux it should be the same. On Windows machines, you’ll need to install pip – and Python

First, you’ll need to install the USB to serial driver. It depends on your NodeMCU, in my projects I used two versions:


I personally liked the Amica version, using the CP2102 driver, it’s a bit smaller, but I have both installed on my laptop, as I have projects with both boards.

Also, in the future you’ll need the pin mapping, when you connect something, for example on pin D0, you’ll need to reference it in your code with pin 16.


That was it for part 2 of the short intro. We’ll continue the next days with setting up the firmware.

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